Talking to FAVX about the debut EP and cheap breakfasts


We love Spain. The warm weather just makes it. It's home to a few great festivals, and some of the most promising young bands. We've caught the likes of The Parrots, Zephyr Bones and Baywaves coming through the city, and now we are treated to a new trio called FAVX. We are happy to introduce you to the noisemakers, and if they take your fancy you can come see the show we are putting on with them in Bristol.  

Hi Daniel. How’s it going today?

Another radiant day in Spain, mate. The sunlight is bright, winter isn't as cold and bad ass and having breakfast out of home here costs 2’80 euros. Nice, clean and safe.

What are you having for breakfast today?

Always bread with tomato, olive oil and salt. We call it "pan tumaca". And a fresh, REAL, glass of orange juice. Not that little pot or smoothie poison you get at Sainsburys, that tastes like sucking a wheel.

How does it feel to have the E.P out?

We had to wait for almost a year to release these tracks. In the beginning we recorded some demos in ZTA Studios and thought about releasing it by ourselves. At the end of the year, when we were almost about to launch the DIY EP, we got an offer from Miel de Moscas (a spanish label) to make some copies and record them again with Hans at Montreal Studios. Then Burger Records asked us to release it too and finally, in January, Welfare is out! It’s been crazy and a huge amount of work, so it feels really nice.

It sounds great. It’s fierce but also intimate at points. Talk about the ideas and themes behind the E.P.

Thanks! Most of the ideas behind the songs are the same: the emotional saturation and the fear of loneliness. We three are sons of welfare, kids that grew up in a middle class background in the outskirts of Madrid, in the midst of the financial crisis in Spain. This lead us towards a lot of scenes of our day-to-day life that are framed in the EP: frustration, contradictions, crisis in relationships or simple apathy.

There’s a definite unique sound, it’s not one you can describe with one genre. What do you want people to feel when listening to Favx?

We think that, thanks to the internet, there is not a unique sound or source where ideas come from. We three grew up in different backgrounds and we are just three friends jamming with no other purpose than having fun. We listen to a lot of stuff and the music that influences our compositions comes from everywhere, so the result is a remix of 90’s hardcore, electronic music, techno... We are not good musicians: two of us never played an instrument before having this band so most of the ideas behind our instrumentals came from errors. There is still a lot of distance between the ideas we have and the things we play, but at the same time, that helps us to get into unpredictable points we never would have figured out we could get into.

Your shows look pretty wild. Is this a good release of energy for you?

Energy is something happening in our shows, but its not something thought or predetermined. We give importance to the spontaneity and to do what we really feel when we play our own songs.

You guys are about to do your first U.K tour, including playing a show for us, are you looking forward to it?

Sure! This is our first tour in the UK as FAVX so we are really looking forward to playing and to see how it goes! We are very happy to travel to places like Bristol, Brighton and London, were we’ve heard music scene is in constant movement. Dani has been in the UK a couple of times with other bands (The Parrots, Baywaves) and we are really excited to start playing! Also, Dani says that he is honestly looking forward to get back to Wetherspoons, as any UK visit is a good excuse for him to get a veggie breakfast every fucking day he is on the island. We know the guy that runs the business is a right-wing jackass, but he honestly misses that breakfast every single day of his life when he is not in the UK.

What have you been listening to lately?

Shipping News, Meat Wave, Chastity Belt, Mujeres, The Men, Sandu Ciorba, Wetdog, Pile, The 83rd.

Do you remember the first album you bought? Do you still own it or listen to it?

Dani can't remember the first album he bought, it was probably a hardcore punk tape, or something like that. But he does remember the first album he listened and thought; what the fuck is going on? It was “Live in Japan” by Deep Purple, from his father’s record collection. Nico remembers that the first record he listened to was a compilation of the Special’s greatest hits. Carlos says that listening to AC/DC’s TNT in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater IV soundtrack changed his life, he actually bought a guitar to just learn to play those chords.

Who else should we be checking out from Madrid?

Baywaves, Yawners, Carolina Durante, Somos la Herencia, Noise Nebula, Afrojuice 195.

See you in Bristol!

¡Nos vemos!

Listen to FAVX's E.P Welfare here.