Table Scraps: Riffs and Vampire Motorcycles


Seeing Table Scraps live is the equivalent of being punched in the face but really enjoying it, even though I'm not sure that's actually a thing. There's a good amount of fuzz, a great amount of punk and the perfect amount of head banging that goes into the band. It's loud and feroucious, so much so that it often knocks bassist Tim Mobbs' hat off. It's fucking great. Being good friends of ours we caught up with them to see what's happening.

Hey Table Scraps, how’s it going?

Really good, ta! We're just having a quick breather before shooting a video in Brighton for our next single, 'Sick of Me,' where we'll probably end up puking over each other on the pier. That single is out on November 17th and the album is coming in February of next year.

We're also playing a gig that night at Sticky Mike's for Bitch Craft alongside Madonnatron and a load of other great bands. Fun! Then Paris and London the following week back to back, where we will no doubt be begging for death by the end of it all.

You guys started off as just a two piece. What prompted the addition of Tim on bass?

A lot of people assumed that the two piece thing was a conscious fashionable choice as it did become a bit of a "thing" once we started picking up support slots alongside the Fat White Family and The Amazing Snakeheads (RIP). Our friends in God Damn had to weather a lot of the more boring questions about it as they were coming up at the time. It was more to do with Poppy and Scott's desire to keep things simple and direct - both had not long come out of long-term bands that were both "proper bands", in terms of the music industry, but had come with their own frustrations.

As our first LP came out at the end of 2015, Scott had to have some pretty gnarly skeletal surgery which put him out of action for a few months. In the two-piece days he would switch between several amps, loop bass parts and spend a lot of time looking down at his ever-growing pedal board. Even without the break for surgery, he was keen to strip things back a bit and just enjoy playing more rather than tap dancing. It worked!

How’s the scene in Birmingham? Who’s doing the city proud?

Birmingham is an odd one - obviously it's a huge city with two million inhabitants but it is very spread out. It's sometimes difficult to not feel envious of how much London has to offer, or even how close-knit and supportive music communities are in great cities such as Bristol or Leeds. However, the lack of a defined "scene" is actually kind of a blessing as it hasn't allowed for us to get too cosy or complacent. The last song on our first album, 'Dead Scene', actually addresses some of these frustrations.

Despite all of this, we certainly don't exist in a vacuum. Our lockup partners Black Mekon are an amazing find if you aren't already familiar - suited and masked garage rock firmly in the red. The Hungry Ghosts are similarly working very hard to bring spaghetti-garage to our region. Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, Victories at Sea, False Grails, Health & Efficiency and Mutes are all well worth your time.

Who would you compare yourself to in the charts?

Just had a quick look at the Top 40 and it was like reading binary code. Totally not averse to pop music but that is a tough one. Have Sabbath been in the charts recently? If so, Sabbath.

What’s more important, riffs or school?

Riffs, 100%. Our multitude of degrees never got us anywhere.

Does anyone in the band actually own a Vampire Motorcycle and has anyone been to hell?

You've been to hell if you've ever been out in Birmingham's city centre on a Saturday night. The Vampire Motorcycle is, actually, a reference to a glorious B-Movie that was filmed in Birmingham in 1990 - I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle. Satanists, bikers, Neil Morrissey, a talking piece of shit in a toilet, it's got it all.

What’s the secret behind having hair as luscious as Scotts?

Scott's rules on hair are as follows: As long as his or as short as Tim's. There are no acceptable in-between.

What have you been listening to lately?

Really enjoying the new L.A. Witch album and looking forward to new Acid Baby Jesus. Scott has been on a huge King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard odyssey for a while, which we're regularly treated to in the van.

Vinyl or cassette?

There are arguments on both sides here. You obviously can't beat the weight and size of a good vinyl. Seeing and hearing all the detail properly, losing yourself in liner notes, it's the stuff that got us into it in the first place. For Poppy, tapes were more her teenage rebellion with her dad being a vinyl collector and a go-to authority on punk. Of all the formats our first album came out on, we kinda all agree that the tape sounds the best, too!

Beer. Discuss?

The only thing we trust beyond ourselves and one of the few things we are all in favour of. Love it. Tins, bottles, fancy ones, shitty ones. Better if you've got an inside jacket pocket to keep one on you at all times.

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