Winner: London's Skate Scene

Winner sees inside London's blooming skate scene. A collection of photographs from Ollie Murphy, Amy Warwick, Matt Martin, Adam Connett, Matthew Kirby, Callum Leak, Josh Mansfield, Orla Lyons, Connor Weinstein and Dan Boulton celebrate the city's scene in a suitable raw and honest manner. The series aims to look at the ties that skateboarding has with DIY culture and visual arts, with each photographer chosen because of their passion and love for photography and skateboarding. 

Curator, photographer and skater Sophie Leigh speaks of the collection, "A lot of creativity exists within skateboarding. The work takes a look at youth culture, skating, art and music and also has a DIY and punk aesthetic, which are all things myself and the people showing work are interested in. I think it’s great to be passionate about something, and this is definitely shown in the work.”