Gun Nation: Zed Nelson's Disturbing Look At America

I've always seen America's obsession and need for firearms as barbaric, but I've always had the thought that maybe that is just me as an outsider. Having rarely seen a gun in real life, the concept of family homes having more than one deadly weapon is mind bending. I remember seeing photographer Zed Nelson's work for the first time. It was his series Gun Nation, specifically a photograph of a father with his daughter in one hand and a gun in the other. It's an image that stayed in the forefront of my mind for days on end, and image I couldn't forget. To me, this is the power of photography. I study it, I participate in it and am surrounded by it daily, but it's not often I see a work that becomes cemented in my head, unable to forget.

Gun Nation is a series that explores the paradox of why America's most potent symbol of freedom is also one of it's greatest killers. Firearms are the result of almost 30,000 American deaths a year. The series, which has been produced as a book and an exhibition, as a look at the deadly love affair between man and gun. Nelson has been awarded five major awards for the work, including the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, (USA); First Prize in World Press Photo Competition and the Visa d’Or (France). 

To see more of Nelson's work visit his website here